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Precision with style

Escrima is a highly developed weapon martial art. Sophisticated techniques and tactical maneuvers are performed with powerful, elegant movements. You will train your precision, coordination, concentration and reaction speed to a high degree.

The philosophy behind the Escrima system is very simple: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, a technique does not work on its own unless it is combined with the concepts of balance, power, speed, concentration, timing and the right attitude.
Escrima is a system which is strictly oriented towards mathematical and physical laws and which is extremely economical in its movements. Only what is really applicable in reality is trained. The motto for teaching is "less is more". Complicated and acrobatic movements are avoided in favour of simplicity and effectiveness.
By the way: All Escrima techniques can also be used surprisingly effectively with ordinary objects such as a rolled up newspaper.

Wenn die Guten nicht kämpfen werden die Schlechten siegen.
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